Reading Materials + Recommended Media

The Feminist Philosophy Reader– a compilation of writings from feminists about gender, sexuality, oppression, race, intersectionality, etc.

collins-blck-feminist-thought– a compilation of feminist writings centered around blackness.

obscuring-the-importance-of-race-the-implication-of-making-compa– a reading on the implications of comparing -isms.

Throwing Like a Girl– a reading on feminine motility and spatiality.

Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving– a reading on the perceived oppression of the Muslim woman by western feminism and culture.

Feminine Beauty as a Social Construct– video about Simone de Beauvoir’s views on equality and male stereotypes of beauty.

Segregation of Schools– an article on how the individual choices parents make for their children lead to and continue segregation in schools.

campbell-media-culture– a reading on the hierarchies within social groups and the different types of culture.

the-new-media-giants-croteau-hoynes-final– a reading on how news media has become deregulated, monopolized, and turned into a cultural machine.

Hegemony– a reading on the dominant groups and forms of culture in society.

Cutting Girls Down to Size– a reading on the stereotypes and expectations of young girls and how they are portrayed in media.

The Whites of Their Eyes – a reading on racism in the media.

Powerpoint on Poverty and Development

Krueger Speech on Inequality in the US

the-haves-and-the-have-nots- a brief reading on wealth in the US as compared to China, India, and Brazil.

Powerpoint of Theories on Inequality

Hunger and the Poverty Trap

econpovpp- a powerpoint that breaks down the argument of giving cash to poor people.

Economists Opinions on the Welfare State

Recommended Media


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