Meeting #2 Notes

Here are some notes from last Thursday’s meeting:
We watched the Adam Ruins Immigration video which aimed to dispel common myths about illegal or undocumented immigrants. You can read the main points with some listed sources here.
I’m reaching out to some groups to figure out when we can team up for an event or multi-org meeting. I will be reaching out to professors soon, so if you have suggestions for panelists, please feel free to shoot me their names and their email address if you have it.
This week we will delve further into the argument on immigration and discuss the question: Is illegal¬†immigration solely a problem because it’s illegal?

Notes from First Official Meeting


During this meeting, we discussed marketing techniques, topics for future discussions, and possible events we can hold.

We’re going to work on creating flyers to distribute and hang up around campus. We’re going to market this organization as a lax learning environment where we can openly discuss issues relevant to us and learn about new things without the rigid format of the classroom setting.

Next week’s meeting will consist of an episode of the TV show Adam Ruins Everything. It will be focused on immigration reform and the idea of “the wall.” There will also be an event held by LASO during common hour called “Policing our People” about immigrants and ICE/law enforcement. That will be taking place on March 16th in Marillac room 225.

I also handed out a list of topics we could choose from so that we can get a head start on creating a schedule with professors for panels and presentations. This will also help us determine which events we can partner up with other campus organizations for.

We also started discussing activities we can hold off campus on weekends, including trips to see documentaries, attending protests, and going to other information sessions and lectures around the city.

First Meeting

I am super excited to announce that there is now an official date and time for the first general body meeting of the St. John’s (unofficial) chapter of SJ Exchange. I’ve been working towards this for a few months now and I’ve gotten help from some truly amazing people.

While this website might do some good work on its own, getting students to actually show up and have a dialogue about things like racism, sexism, education reform, capitalism, and much more, will create the sense of community so many of us have been craving. The plan is to do one meeting per week, and one conference led by a professor every month. The first three general body meetings would be students only discussion groups where we read or watch something together and then talk about it. The other meeting will be a guest speaker presentation on the topic of the first meeting. I am hoping that the professors at St. John’s University take part in these presentations/panels. We are looking to have professors from departments like sociology, philosophy, economics, government, history, and more.

My hope is that people show up because they truly care about making their world a better place, and I think that forming this student community will be a great place to start.

Meetings: Thursdays DAC 310 5pm