4:44 Sheds Light on Racism, Sexism, Classism, and More

“A man once known for his explicit, misogynistic lyrics left the world with ten songs filled with regret for his past actions and for almost wrecking the most precious relationship he had. Throughout the album, Jay-Z consistently preaches for awareness: awareness of the racism even within one’s own race, awareness of the blindness that capitalistic greed can cause, and awareness that the women in his life deserve more credit and respect. While successfully touching on each of these issues, the album ultimately succeeds in achieving a legacy of ‘black excellence, baby.'”

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Rapper 2 Chainz Hopes to Bring Change to the Trap

With the release of his new album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music,” rapper 2 Chainz has been making a lot of headlines lately-and not only for his music. Last month, 2 Chainz flipped a house in Atlanta, Georgia, and painted it bright pink with the word “trap” on it to imitate the cover art of the rapper’s newest project. The house was opened as a pop-up shop for fans to experience different photo-worthy events and activities. The house hosted a nail salon and sold merchandise as a part of the pop-up experience. What started as a listening party to promote the release of his new album became a house of eye-opening opportunity for the community living in the area.

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Interactive Website about Refugee Crisis

The Refugee Project describes itself as “a narrative, temporal map of refugee migrations since 1975. UN data is complemented by original histories of the major refugee crises of the last four decades, situated in their individual contexts.”

It’s interactive so you can explore different parts of the world and view things like the number of refugees from a particular country, where the refugees choose to go, and which countries offer these refugees asylum.


Check it out using this link.

New Pages in Menu

We’ve added some new pages to our menu, and also updated some of the older ones. You can still find awesome resources for finding a job, updating your resume, and applying for scholarships in the Hacking Adulthood section, but we’ve now added some financial resources for those who want to learn about stocks, taxes, mortgages, etc.The
The Learn for Free section has some awesome (and free to access) links to some worthwhile articles and powerpoints from past classes. The Recommended Media page has more articles but also links to videos and books, as well.

We’ve also added a Legal Resources and Marginalized Persons Info Guide that will be continuously updated. It includes info on important court cases, info on what to do when facing discrimination at school or in the workplace, your rights as an immigrant (even undocumented) and much, much more.


Is the Free Market a Good Thing?

I had the pleasure of getting to hear Dr. Christian Nasulea speak about the free market system vs communism and socialism in Romania. I’ve been a big critic of capitalism and the American free market system for a while now, and that is based in my understanding of the fact that capitalism is built upon people working to live and eventually being exploited and made to be reliable on a system that will only ever exploit them. I’ve got a slightly less revolutionary view than some of my other leftist and Marxian friends, but I digress.

Under the cut, I will outline some of Nasulea’s main arguments against socialism, and then I pose a few questions and other things to ponder on. I also went into some of the Facebook groups I am a part of with other leftists and I will be outlining some of the discussion that occurred there, as well.

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Should Trans Men and Trans-masculine Individuals Have Access to Feminist or Queer Women Spaces?

So, I was scrolling through Facebook and a trans friend of mine, we’ll call him Bob, posted a status about feminist and queer women spaces alienating trans men/transmasculine people. Under the cut, I want to outline my views on why alienating us can be problematic for the overall cause of feminism, and also in terms of how it erases the experiences many of us went through before coming out as trans. Enjoy!

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What Can Laundry Commercials Tell Us About Gender Roles?

For my gender and pop culture course, we’ve been looking at some Tide commercials and breaking them down to see what they say about feminity and masculinity. We have been discussing hegemony, ideology, and the performing of gender. We were asked to write a short essay on how we think certain ideas of gender play into some selected Tide commercials. You can read my take on those commercials below the cut.

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