Mission + About

Mission: The purpose of this organization shall be to promote access to free learning materials, create a space for discourse, provide a platform to educate each other and ourselves, and to encourage an active participation in the betterment of our world through community service and civic engagement.

About: Social Justice Exchange is an attempt at creating a place exclusively for students to not just discuss relevant issues, but to engage in an exchange of knowledge. The Exchange will allow students to share info about relevant classes including lesson plans and reading material/other media, to share their own research and writings, and have a place to keep the movement for equality alive even when they can’t march in the streets.

Many of us are affected by racism, homophobia, a corrupt government, unreliable and dishonest media, economic crises, and a failing education system. Here is where we use our voices and stand with each other. This is the website built for students, by students.

Read our Constitution, including pillars, here.

SJ Exchange was created by LJ Vogel. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, LJ Vogel quickly realized their love for social justice. Growing up surrounded by immigrants from all over the world in a city known for its liberal politics and melting-pot demography, LJ started doing volunteer work at a young age as a way to understand what kind of social action needed to take place. Now, they attend St. John’s University where they take classes in philosophy and social justice. After speaking to many peers about different issues, but realizing there wasn’t really a platform online to encourage these discussions and share content and ideas, they decided to create Social Justice Exchange. They have been accepted into Teach for America and will begin teaching after graduation in 2018.

Contact us:
Email- SJExchangeLJ@gmail.com
Instagram- @sjexchange_nyc
Twitter- @SJE_nyc
Facebook- Social Justice Exchange

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