A Clarification of Our DACA Statement

Our University’s independent newspaper, The Torch, recently reached out to us to put a statement together regarding the University’s action/inaction in light of the DACA repeal. The statement we sent in was as follows:

“As members of the student body who care so deeply about this school and our peers, we are glad that the university is taking necessary steps in helping undocumented students. We, as an org, are comprised of students of all backgrounds, and we maintain that this diversity is important as it allows for us to work through our different perspectives and lived experiences. We know that our fellow students bring their own experiences to the table, and sometimes those experiences put them at risk. We believe that the University’s efforts are showing the campus community that not only are undocumented students welcome here but that their right to stay will be protected. We know that there is a DACA for Dummies meeting coming up, and we believe that this is a great next step in continuing to educate the campus-wide community about DACA and why it is so important in the lives of people who came to this country as kids and have no recollection of any other home but this one. Lastly, we want to say to any undocumented students on this campus that we see you, we support you, and we will continue to fight for you.”

We understand that in connection with this article, our statement seems flat. For clarification, we are happy that the university is providing options to students who need them. But we also, as always, know their response could have been quicker and taken more of a stance. Time and time again, our university waits too long to say the right thing, and never really takes a hard stand. This is why we sent administration a letter regarding their non-response to the events in Charlottesville, and it is the very same reason that, from the 16th-20th, we will be protesting on campus each day. We truly hope our statement was not tone-deaf. We did not mean to imply that the University’s efforts were perfect, as we know from our own experiences that they seldom, if ever, have been. We have been posting on our personal Instagram page about DACA renewal resources since the repeal was first announced because we stand by DREAMers 100%. We have been posting educational infographics for allies or students who had never even heard of DACA before. We hope our own stance on this issue is extremely clear: We need to provide a space that will protect our undocumented students and will work with them quickly and effectively so as to keep them in the only place they call home.

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