Follow-up on Letter to SJU- Updated

I’m happy to say that I sent out our email this afternoon with over 50 signatures from students who are demanding a campus that responds to its students’ needs and feelings in a timely fashion. Since I sent the letter, we’ve gotten responses from students and faculty alike, thanking us for taking initiative and standing up for our fellow students.

Roughly 3 minutes after sending the email, I got a call from the University Provost, Dr. Mangione, assuring me that the SJU administration was working on a response. I was told that he and the university president, Dr. Gempesaw, had a meeting to discuss how to best approach this response and that it would be issued to students and faculty soon. Associate Provost Nancy Kaplan also reached out in response to the email to tell me that SJU wants to do what is right when it comes to standing up for important issues. I will update as more info becomes available.

Update: 8/19/2017

The director of the Ozanam Scholars Program, Carline Bennett, responded to my email and thanked us for holding the administration accountable. She also passed on the statement to other faculty members.

Joanne Carroll, an associate professor in the College of Pharmacy, has also responded positively and thanked us for our statement. She said our efforts on campus are supported.

On top of that, we were able to get 3 more faculty signatures, which we are still collecting to make sure everyone knows how many of us stood in solidarity.

-LJ Vogel, founder of SJE

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