Food Desert Lesson Plans

On Wednesday morning I was called into my old junior high school to teach a few classes. I’d done that a few times before and it’s always a pleasure to get to talk to young students about how they can make a difference in the world. I was unsure of what to discuss with the three classes because there is so much political turmoil right now, but I decided to discuss the concepts of food deserts and access to food.

The kids had a really great handle on the ideas of income inequality, racial steering in housing, and even food stamp or EBT allowances. We also got into some great conversations about what it means to make choices between your health or having enough money to pay your bills. They did a group activity where they had to “spend” $20 at either McDonald’s or a grocery store. The lesson taught them how far money can go for people who don’t really have any, and why it’s so important that we make fruits and vegetables and fresh foods more accessible to low-income families. I’ve attached the powerpoint and two handouts I used to teach the class

I’ve attached the powerpoint and two handouts I used to teach the classes. I’m hoping I can get people to use these materials in their classrooms to teach kids about all of the different types of inequality that exist around them, and even the types of inequality that may be affecting them.

Food Desert Powerpoint

PowerPoint Supplement Handout

Group Activity

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