Why Conservative Immigration Reform Doesn’t Work

Since Trump was elected president, I’ve been hearing a lot of conversations about his wall, deportations, and undocumented citizens in general. People claim that this wall would keep Mexican people out; that deporting undocumented citizens works and that we only deport undocumented criminals; that these criminals depress wages and take American jobs; and that all of the people here who are unauthorized are here because they snuck across the border. These views are shared by many conservatives and are a large reason conservative people voted for Trump. Under the cut, I explore these arguments and address them individually with rebuttals and citations.

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Interactive Website about Refugee Crisis

The Refugee Project describes itself as “a narrative, temporal map of refugee migrations since 1975. UN data is complemented by original histories of the major refugee crises of the last four decades, situated in their individual contexts.”

It’s interactive so you can explore different parts of the world and view things like the number of refugees from a particular country, where the refugees choose to go, and which countries offer these refugees asylum.


Check it out using this link.

What Do Anti-Black Oppression and Racism Look Like?

We were given a prompt in my feminist philosophy course: define oppression and discuss how one or more groups are affected by it. I decided to write about the general oppression of black people in the United States, and also went a bit deeper into how black women, especially, are affected by stereotyping, biased media, Eurocentric beauty expectations and more, culminating in misogynoir. You can read my thought under the cut, and my sources are cited and can be found in the Reading Material part of SJExchange.

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First Meeting

I am super excited to announce that there is now an official date and time for the first general body meeting of the St. John’s (unofficial) chapter of SJ Exchange. I’ve been working towards this for a few months now and I’ve gotten help from some truly amazing people.

While this website might do some good work on its own, getting students to actually show up and have a dialogue about things like racism, sexism, education reform, capitalism, and much more, will create the sense of community so many of us have been craving. The plan is to do one meeting per week, and one conference led by a professor every month. The first three general body meetings would be students only discussion groups where we read or watch something together and then talk about it. The other meeting will be a guest speaker presentation on the topic of the first meeting. I am hoping that the professors at St. John’s University take part in these presentations/panels. We are looking to have professors from departments like sociology, philosophy, economics, government, history, and more.

My hope is that people show up because they truly care about making their world a better place, and I think that forming this student community will be a great place to start.

Meetings: Thursdays DAC 310 5pm

New Pages in Menu

We’ve added some new pages to our menu, and also updated some of the older ones. You can still find awesome resources for finding a job, updating your resume, and applying for scholarships in the Hacking Adulthood section, but we’ve now added some financial resources for those who want to learn about stocks, taxes, mortgages, etc.The
The Learn for Free section has some awesome (and free to access) links to some worthwhile articles and powerpoints from past classes. The Recommended Media page has more articles but also links to videos and books, as well.

We’ve also added a Legal Resources and Marginalized Persons Info Guide that will be continuously updated. It includes info on important court cases, info on what to do when facing discrimination at school or in the workplace, your rights as an immigrant (even undocumented) and much, much more.


Is the Free Market a Good Thing?

I had the pleasure of getting to hear Dr. Christian Nasulea speak about the free market system vs communism and socialism in Romania. I’ve been a big critic of capitalism and the American free market system for a while now, and that is based in my understanding of the fact that capitalism is built upon people working to live and eventually being exploited and made to be reliable on a system that will only ever exploit them. I’ve got a slightly less revolutionary view than some of my other leftist and Marxian friends, but I digress.

Under the cut, I will outline some of Nasulea’s main arguments against socialism, and then I pose a few questions and other things to ponder on. I also went into some of the Facebook groups I am a part of with other leftists and I will be outlining some of the discussion that occurred there, as well.

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Should Trans Men and Trans-masculine Individuals Have Access to Feminist or Queer Women Spaces?

So, I was scrolling through Facebook and a trans friend of mine, we’ll call him Bob, posted a status about feminist and queer women spaces alienating trans men/transmasculine people. Under the cut, I want to outline my views on why alienating us can be problematic for the overall cause of feminism, and also in terms of how it erases the experiences many of us went through before coming out as trans. Enjoy!

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