A few words on Memorial Day

I just wanted to say a few things about today.I am eternally grateful for those men and women who have risked their lives for my freedom. I will never be as brave or as dedicated to the liberty of others. This day is in their honor. 

That being said, I also have a few words about how we treat these men and women who are still alive. We have people in office, mostly republicans, who vote against bills that would provide better healthcare for our veterans, including mental healthcare. These same people vote against programs that would help vets get jobs after coming back from deployment. These same people won’t raise the minimum wage which would help veterans who are working minimum wage jobs. These same people refuse to help the homeless and the drug addicts and alcoholics, many of whom came back from war with nowhere else to go and have no way to get rehabilitation. We can NOT praise these men and women on the battlefield, sign them up to fight or wars, and then put people in office who turn against them as soon as they land back on our soil. If you really want to remember the fallen, honor them by making sure that the next generation of men and women serving us and our great country can come back to the things they deserve: a job, healthcare, and a place to live.

I also wanted to point out that many young kids, especially in the south and in republican run states, end up joining the military because they can’t afford an education. We can’t live in a country where kids have to risk their lives to make sure they can go to school. 

We also need to pay close attention to who is serving us. Muslims, Mexicans, African Americans, and people of all races, backgrounds, religions are fighting to keep us safe. I want to make sure everyone understands that these people may be unfairly targeted upon re-entering this country. The same people keeping you safe are the same ones you feel will do you harm. Let’s also especially recognize our population of illegal immigrants that join the army being promised citizenship and then end up being deported or detained afterwards. Nobody who risks their life for our country deserves to come back to that. 

Today, let’s remember that we’ve lost people who were shining examples of the American spirit, and we have people today, fighting for us overseas,who are just the same. Let’s make sure that they are taken care of when they return home.

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