The New Anti-Feminist Movement

So, there’s a new problem making its way around, similar to that  Mumps outbreak at Harvard. This new problem is the newest anti-feminist movement being lead by women. If you thought white feminism was bad, hold on to your seats, kids, ’cause this is going to be a wild ride.

Recently, girls everywhere have decided that they don’t even, like, need feminism. That’s, like, cool and all, except these girls are pretty much all white, cis, and hetero. There’s no problem with that, generally speaking, but when you say you don’t need the feminist movement and can identify with all three categories, you kind of, well, ERASE ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO STILL NEED THIS MOVEMENT.

When white, cis, hetero women have the audacity to say “we’re doing just fine” it’s because they forgot that women of color and LGBTQ women exist. It’s because they see their pay gap closing and forget that Latina and black women make even less than 78 cents an hour. It’s because they see themselves represented more often than not on television and don’t have to worry about being one of the queer women who die on tv every 10 days. It’s because, even while facing harassment, they will still face nothing compared to what trans women face.

There’s also the huge issue here of American/Western privilege. Maybe it is easy for you, pretty, blonde, white girl. Maybe your country doesn’t choose to oppress you. Maybe you’re lucky to be born somewhere that allows you to drive your car and doesn’t require you to have a chaperone, and where it’s a lot less likely your husband will one day throw acid on you (or even your child). Maybe you got lucky and don’t need feminism because your family won’t disown you for having sex before marriage. Maybe you’ll never have to have sex to support your family. Maybe you’ll never be raped by a group of men so badly that you die from it, and still be the one blamed.

But maybe, just maybe, your privilege so clouds your views that you can only see women who look, think, talk, and act like you do. Maybe the woman you see in the mirror doesn’t have bruises because her boyfriend is one of the good ones. Maybe when you were a little girl no one had already sold you off to a man three times your age. Maybe when you got your first job you made the same amount as the guys. Maybe you see Hillary Clinton and think, “That could be me one day,” when so many young girls of color can’t think the same. Maybe you can walk down the street and not try to shrink down for fear of someone trying to clock you as transgender.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to not need feminism, but that doesn’t mean you should have any right to take it from the girls all over this world that do need it. How very dare you, anti-feminist women.

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