Hacking Finals Week

We all know this week is going to be horrible. We know that when it’s finals week, your break is really just moving to a different essay. We know that you substitute coffee for water, fruits, vegetables, meats…pretty much everything. So, we’ve compiled a list that might make this week go by a little bit faster. Get studying!

First things first, everyone. Get plenty of sleep and make sure you’re taking care of your body, both mentally and physically. Clear your head, make time to relax, make sure you’re eating well and drinking plenty of water. Your body, and your GPA, will thank you.

Study! Create a study schedule, set timers, make guides, work in groups with other students, watch some educational Youtube videos. One of our favorite things to do is set a timer for 45 minutes of studying/ essay writing, and then take a 15 minute break for eating, water, power naps, and socialization. Make sure you organize your notes and check in with other students in your class to make sure you all have the same information. You might also learn some helpful tips and tricks from them!

Become the teacher! The best way to study is to practice teaching what you’ve learned to everyone else. Prepare study sessions in which you and your classmates each stand up and teach one subject on the exam to the class. It gives everyone a chance to not only listen to the information again, but also to correct anything that might be wrong.

Focus! We know that most studying and essay writing is done on laptops nowadays, and we get distracted, too. That’s why we use extensions like StayFocusd, Block Site, Nanny, TinyFilter, and LeechBlock. If you’re like us and constantly have Facebook or Tumblr open in your browser, then these extensions are for you.

Practice! After studying by yourself and with others, find practice quizzes and test questions. Make time to write and read sample essays. Find websites with mini tests and take them until you get 90% or over every time. Design your own mini quiz, too. (Yes, some websites let you do this!) Some of our favorites are Quizlet, Crossword Labs, Studyblue, GOCONQR, Class Tools, Tinytap, StudyStack, Headmagnet, Cramberry, and Quizizz.

If all else fails:


Calculate what your GPA would be if you got the lowest possible passing grades.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I just finished finals and I followed your tips as best as I could! (*cough* coffee *coughcough* not enough sleep)


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